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Dermatology Refreshed

As a startup, Zest set out to disrupt the dermatology industry with a novel approach to eczema and psoriasis care. Beyond its dermatology expertise, Zest built empathy with patients and understood the struggle they go through to find quality care. Our challenge was to build a brand as refreshing as the name and business model, to communicate to potential customers what made Zest so exciting.


  1. Visual Identity Suite

  2. Custom Asset Development

  3. Brand Voice

  4. Web Design

  5. Copywriting

  6. Social Ads

  7. Email Marketing


We helped Zest visually break away from the competition and clearly establish itself as friendly, vibrant, and different. We chose a bold-but-welcoming color palette, developed an expressive logo, and directed the production of custom illustrations to help tell Zest’s story. This was supported by a brand voice that honed in on the concepts of being refreshing and compassionate.

A mock-up of the Zest website presented on a computer monitor and iPhone.
An abstract illustration of a patient interacting with their physician.
An abstract illustration of a woman talking with a physician on her iPad.
An illustration of a woman speaking with her physician on her iPhone.


For Zest’s visual identity, orange seemed an obvious choice. The logo that was eventually selected is a gesture to the support Zest provides its customers, with the lower stroke of the Z extending horizontally to elevate its neighbor e above the baseline. We directed the illustrations to similarly express this concept of support, featuring Zest’s uplifting brand colors and friendly characters. Every element of the brand, right down to the typography, was selected to be comforting, reassuring, and inclusive.


As a startup, Zest needed everything built from scratch. A website was the most critical part of this. The site not only had to express Zest’s values, convince visitors of the benefits of its novel membership approach to care, and serve the very practical purpose of funneling prospects to the embedded onboarding app. To support the brand launch and drive traffic to the new site, we looked to the targeting capabilities of social media to reach eczema and psoriasis patients with Zest’s key message: there’s a better option out there.


“Healthcare is filled with a lot of brands that are safe and indistinguishable. Devise worked with us as true partners; first, deeply understanding our innovative process, then building a brand strategy from the ground up that conveys Zest’s refreshingly different approach to helping people manage their psoriasis and eczema.”

Ray CostantiniCEO - Zest


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