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A bright, staged photo of a bearded man with a thermometer in his mouth with a fake cloud hovering above his head.


Just Go

Years ago, Legacy Health set out to build urgent care facilities that break the cold, impersonal mold of its predecessors under the brand GoHealth. The first clinics launched in New York City, using energetic branding elements to match the physical experience. Before the ink was dry on the announcement of GoHealth’s expansion into the greater Portland area, our phone rang. Legacy’s tried-and-true East Coast model needed a funky, fresh, West Coast infusion.


  1. Advertising (Online & Print)

  2. Website Design & Development

  3. Content Development (Photo & Video)

  4. Copywriting

  5. Radio & Transit Advertising

  6. Social Media Strategy & Management


It’s hard to dissociate medical advertising from the quintessential mom-holding-thermometer image. This tired notion reiterates the reluctant, bummer decision that has to be made when medical care is needed. But Portlanders are quirky, exhibited in their love of oddly flavored doughnuts and their eccentric and energizing form of cheering for their home sports teams. We knew normal wouldn’t work, so we threw it out and started fresh.

We developed the campaign anthem “Just Go” which became the epicenter for our imagery and messaging. In the Pacific Northwest, people get out and live — but with that, sickness and injury sometimes closely follow

Campaign Narrative

We’ve all been there. You’re worried that something is wrong, but depending on the time and circumstances, you’re not certain how to go about getting care, or if it’s even worth it. So instead you wait. And worry. GoHealth offers a better alternative. GoHealth alleviates a lot of the traditional stresses of care to make it easy to get in, get looked at, and get on your way. It might just be the answer you’ve been waiting for.

A staged photo of a woman who had a mountain bike crash. A blue bird is seen resting on her foot.
A bright, staged photo of a frowning woman wearing a rabbit's foot necklace.
An image of a young girl appearing to have consumed too many donuts.
Example full-page advertisements for Legacy GoHealth featuring bright, orange backgrounds with colorful photography.
A large billboard in a city for Legacy GoHealth featuring a woman wearing a rabbit's foot necklace that reads: "Just Your Luck.".
A transit, train wrap for Legacy GoHealth in downtown Portland, Oregon.
A website mock-up of the GoHealth "Just Go" campaign landing page.


We wanted to bring some brightness and levity to urgent care advertising, so we partnered with the talented Portland-based photographer Nicolle Clemetson. Working with her, we crafted three different scenes to tell stories that would resonate with locals. The result: a friendly color scheme, human-centric imagery, and slightly off-the-wall compositions resulting in an undoubtedly Portland campaign.


Print, public transit, digital, billboards, social media — anyone can find themselves in need of urgent care, which meant we had to reach people everywhere. The images we created met this challenge by standing out on every platform, positioning Legacy-GoHealth Urgent Care as both a major contender in medical care and a helpful alternative to existing practices. The campaign elevated GoHealth above the rest in terms of friendliness and understanding what it's like to live — and live well — in the Pacific Northwest.


“The team at Devise created a campaign that celebrates life. Their strategy stands out.”

Heidi KayserNW Marketing - Legacy GoHealth


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