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Friendly illustration of a female veterinarian holding a yellow cat.

WellHaven Pet Health

Your Care Companion

As a fledgling company built of big vet health veterans, WellHaven needed to find its voice. They asked us to help them uncover their brand truths and then spin them into an identity crafted to last.


  1. Research

  2. Branding

  3. Built-Environment Consultation

  4. Marketing Strategy Consultation

  5. Asset Attainment/Organization

Brand Narrative

Veterinarians who own their practice—those who built their hospital brick by figurative brick—are, to us, emblematic of all that is great about this industry. They’re the guiding light of what we do, the experts in their field, the beating heart of their practice.

We’re here to channel the love and devotion that practice owners have for their careers and the loyalty of the pet owners who entrust them with the wellness of their furry family members. We’re here to guide the industry toward a place where logistical, technological, and administrative noise falls away. That’s when the pets come first; that’s the way it should always be.

A WellHaven Pet Health logo.
A mock-up of print collateral for WellHaven Pet Health.
An illustration of a woman and her dog in a waiting area of a pet hospital.


Promo Video

An illustrated animation of a man standing outside a WellHaven Pet Hospital while giving his jumping, small, white dog a treat.
An animation of an illustrated orange dog, smiling.
Two illustrations of females and their dogs.
An illustration of a group of veterinarians.
A mock-up of the WellHaven Pet Health website on an iPad.


How do you disrupt the veterinary industry? Not by doing things the same old way, that’s for sure. Wellhaven was built on the premise that to have happy pets, you need happy vets. So we developed a brand identity around that core idea of happiness, weaving cues of it into everything from the logo to marketing materials to the built environment itself.


After extensive research and creating a narrative we all could believe in, a curious mascot emerged: Bunz. Making a bunny the face of a veterinary hospital may seem a bit off the wall, but he has asserted himself perfectly as a true differentiator, and that has made all the difference. We then expressed the new brand through colorful illustrations that not only stood out among the stock-saturated pet health industry, but also cut down on crew, talent, and time budgets that original photography would have required.


As the final step in bringing the WellHaven brand to life, we consulted on the buildouts of their new spaces. Centering our strategy on the brand anthem, Your Care Companion, we helped them pick out everything from wall color to floor texture, making each space a loving, caring experience from the moment a dog mom, or dad walked in the door.


“We were a start-up going up against the giants in the pet health industry and needed an identity that not only stood out but also reflected our love for pets and the veterinarians who keep them healthy. Devise knocked it out of the park.”

John BorkCEO - WellHaven Pet Health


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