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An illustration of a purple CAT bus with various people waiting to board.


Gorge on the Go

Columbia Area Transit (CAT) is changing the way Portlanders and Gorge residents get around. Their extensive and economical transportation options at once give Gorge residents a way to access work and essentials, but also an excellent way for tourists and travelers to come and play without worrying about driving. We set out to help them project their message far and wide.


  1. Brand Identity

  2. Website Design & Development

  3. Campaign Creation

  4. Content Development (Photo, Video, Illustration)

  5. Copywriting

  6. Advertising (Online, Print)

Brand Identity

By nature, public transportation can be a bit confusing and intimidating. We crafted a brand identity that was friendly, approachable, and extremely simple to help people overcome the preconceived notions of navigating a transportation system and get on their way. Illustrations were the perfect accessory.

A purple CAT logo.
An advertisement for Columbia Area Transit with a bright purple background.
Signage example for "Gorge on the Go!" for Columbia Area Transit.
A mock-up of a transit brochure for Columbia Area Transit.

Content Creation

Public transport riders span wide demographics. We helped CAT create a full library of print and digital assets to reach all riders from local senior homes and high schools to travel agencies and everyone in between. Simple, colorful route maps telegraphically educate riders on how to get to where they want to go.

Website Development

ADA compliance was the center of our universe when it came to creating the website. Mobile-first design was also of utmost importance. We designed the entirety of the website around one crucial moment: you’re without a ride, you spy a bright purple bus stop, and you need to know when the bus will show up, where it’s going, and how to hop on. Everything else was secondary.

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