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A photo of a man sitting in the door of his van while he makes coffee using his Yoshino portable battery.


Power Beyond

The last few years have seen a dramatic shift in the portable power market: lithium-ion power stations are increasingly replacing gas generators. Silent and exhaust-free, these battery solutions are safe to use anywhere. As a new player to this market, Yoshino Power needed an electrifying launch. It already had great tech: the first consumer product built around revolutionary solid-state batteries, fitting about twice as much power into the same size and weight as competing products. Now, it needed an equally innovative brand. No pressure.


  1. Competitive Analysis

  2. UX Review

  3. Audience Personas

  4. Brand Voice and Anthem

  5. Photography, Video, and Animation


Yoshino’s products serve a broad customer base, but because they are smaller and lighter than the competition, they are particularly well-suited for outdoor adventure. Solid-state tech is impressive, but more impressive is the lifestyle it enables. Especially as other competitors were focused on the features and technology story, we knew we wanted to go beyond that to show people what they can accomplish with Yoshino batteries.

An action shot of a man riding his electric, Cake, dirtbike.

Power Beyond

Brand Video

A photo of a smiling young woman working on her tablet in the backcountry next to her tent.
A photo of a man with his Yoshino portable power station on the tailgate of his pick up truck.
A 3D illustration of a man charging his electric dirt bike with a large, Yoshino battery in the background.
A 3D illustration of a man trail building while his daughter rides her mountain bike on a north shore style bridge feature.


Yoshino came to us with a name and a logo, but the rest of the brand was up to us. We started with a thorough competitive analysis and user experience (UX) review. From this, we built customer personas, a brand voice, and finally an anthem: Power Beyond.


With the objective of selling a lifestyle, we produced a wealth of original on-location photography assets and a brand launch video that positioned Yoshino as innovative, adventurous, and family-focused. Separately, we directed the creation of a product animation to convey the high-tech nature of a Yoshino power station, thus ensuring we covered both sides of the story: the technology and the activities it enables.

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