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Close-up photo of a man tying a fish hook.

CRKT Stories

Confidence in Hand

CRKT tasked us with helping it launch a full line of new products and two new-to-CRKT innovations, Assisted Opening and Field Strip Gen II. With a host of powerful and exciting designs, CRKT anticipated this launch to signal a landmark year, and for a brand that always sets its own bar very high, that was saying something. It was our job to bring the noise such a momentous year deserved.


  1. Storyline Building

  2. Talent Sourcing

  3. Photography

  4. Videography

  5. Campaign Deployment


Core to CRKT’s Confidence in Hand mindset is respect for the people who depend on its tools day in and day out. As such, fictionalized depictions of knife users wouldn’t cut it — we needed real stories, real people, real grit. After days of diving into our adventurous rolodexes and making phone call after phone call, we found five people who lived Confidence in Hand every day.

Ben Geisler saddle making in his workshop.

Ben Geisler

Trail's End Saddle Shop

Ben Geisler in his leather shop.
Ben Geisler leaning on a fence with one of his custom saddles next to him.
Close-up shot of a horse's eye.
Macro shot of leather making tools.
A smiling woman wearing a green, hooded jacket holding her hand out to catch large flakes of falling snow in the woods.

Rachel Zoller

Mushroom Forager

A close-up photo of a freshly cut morel mushroom with a CRKT knife laying next to it.
A photo of Yellow Elenor walking up a muddy, forest road while snow falls.
A close-up photo of a small morel mushroom growing up from the forest floor.
A close-up photo of Yellow Elanor's face with rain on her glasses as she looks skyward.
A photo of Kevin Newell smiling while looking over his shoulder.

Kevin Newell

Pro Fishing Guide

A photo of a white sturgeon being caught by a fisherman.
A young fisherman preparing to deploy a crab pot into the ocean.
Waves crashing against a jetty in a rough ocean.
A CRKT field strip knife being cleaned with water from a hose.
A male and female sorting freshly caught oysters on a beach.

Alice & Van Helker

Fjordlux Oyster Farm

A photo of a oyster boat on the Hood Canal at sunrise.
A shallow depth of field photo of oysters on a grill.
A photo of a man holding two full bags of oysters.
A photo of a smiling man with a child on his shoulders standing on a beach.
A photo of a pilot wearing sunglasses with a bush plane out of focus in the background.

Brian Prange

Tac Aero

A photo of a low-flying bush plane over a dry field.
A photo of a pilot looking upward shot from inside a small plane.
A pilot organizing his gear on the ground next to a brown colored bush plane.
A pilot conducting a pre-flight check in the interior of their bush plane.


Resisting the urge to focus on the intrigue of new products, we dove into the human stories of three real-life customers, all who subscribed to the march-by-the-beat-of-your-own ethos that the CRKT brand has long embraced. This allowed the products to come to life in their natural environment, where Confidence in Hand truly makes sense — in the angry oceans, the expansive skies, and deep in the woods.


The core component of these stories was a series of media-rich articles that would live on the CRKT blog. Replete with photos, video, and an honest retelling, this is where we drove traffic from all other channels. Thanks to the inherent intrigue of the stories, we were able to draw inspired eyes to calls to purchase embedded throughout the articles, inviting customers to start their own story with CRKT.


“I so appreciate Devise giving me the opportunity to get a behind-the-scenes look at the photo shoot. It was incredible to see the amount of thought and preparation that went into each shot, and how passionate each member of the team was about what they were doing.”

Mark SchreiberPresident - CRKT

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