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A photo of a hunter in a tree stand wearing LaCrosse boots.

LaCrosse Footwear

Forever Forward

LaCrosse’s beginnings stretch all the way back to 1897, its evolving story a reflection of each new innovation and quality product it has released throughout the years. To best capture the brand’s journey from where it began to how it has evolved today, we dug deep to uncover and study each milestone’s intricacies. Honoring its rich history, we began to shape a modern message that echoes LaCrosse’s values and vision more clearly — reinventing a whole new voice that beckons their audiences to explore with invigorated curiosity and approach.


  1. Brand Voice

  2. Brand Video: Storyboard & Script

  3. Site Landing Page

  4. Media Kit

  5. Social Suite


Using LaCrosse’s focus on quality innovation as our starting point, we kicked things off with an in-depth overview of the brand’s presence across all marketing material. Here, we pinpointed areas of opportunity to further strengthen their brand voice, while taking what we heard from the brand’s stakeholders, ambassadors, and core user group, to begin threading the unifying message together.

Lacrosse logo with "Forever Forward" tagline.

Brand Narrative

What We Find Along the Way

Being deep in the woods sparks a knowing. There’s a know-how that’s been handed from generations past, stitched into a heavy wool coat. There’s also one that lives in the “now,” demanding smart gear for the mission at hand.

But there’s a different kind, too. The kind that’s built into your bones. The kind that jolts to attention when a twig snaps and detects a shift in the season just before the first leaf changes. 

We understand our deep need to be outdoors as both a calling and an answer—a calling to get out and explore. To discover the sensation of pulling your boots out of the mud at the bottom of a bog. To feel the thrill of cresting the ridge and seeing nothing but rolling hills. 

What we find along the way is the answer. A silent response to “What does this all mean? What is it all for?” 

When we pull on our boots in the frosty morning air, we pick our path. And our path is one that’s forever forward.

A female hunter standing in a field of tall, dry grass while holding a shotgun.

Our Story Starts in the Middle

Brand Video


Hitting the drawing board, we strategically pieced together a narrative that speaks to the steadfast, courageous, and curious sentiments that run deep throughout the LaCrosse brand. What We Find Along the Way captures the continuous hunger to persevere, to explore and discover — to maintain our roots, but to not fear stepping onto new paths. This is where our brand anthem Forever Forward was born.


We delivered a newly branded landing page for the site, a storyboard and script for their new brand video, a social media strategy for launch, and a newly branded media kit for the year. The brand work rollout reinforced LaCrosse’s core identity as progressive, not only in its dedicated approach toward footwear, but in its profound involvement within the community. New customers and veteran followers alike have come to see LaCrosse as a brand that has been around for decades and will continuously march forever forward.


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