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An image of a bottle of Every Man Jack Body Wash on top of a wood grain background.

Every Man Jack

Rethink Your Routine

In all ways, Every Man Jack is excellent at standing out. From the bold packaging to its unmatched commitment to creating high-quality, organic-first products, the brand marches to the beat of its own drum. So when Every Man Jack decided to enter the subscription game, we were tasked with creating a bold new website to show the world they mean business.


  1. UX Research 

  2. Information Architecture

  3. User Flows

  4. Wireframing

  5. Visual Design

  6. Art Direction


Subscription models are a relatively new idea to the market Every Man Jack serves. But that by no means makes it an easy game to enter. We did extensive market research to thoroughly understand the playing field while also looking at a wider industry standard. We interviewed numerous stakeholders, learned user personas, locked in business goals, and laid a watertight foundation before we began wireframing.

Wireframe examples for a website redesign for Every Man Jack.
An image of a computer monitor with the Every Man Jack website on it.
An image of ingredients used in Every Man Jack products.
A website marquee image of a bottle of Every Man Jack body wash over top of a wood grain background.


The Every Man Jack brand has always been bold, but its old website missed the opportunity to tell the full story and elevate their points of differentiation. We set out to uplift the design and usability of their website to match the quality of their products and give the audience a true 360° look at Every Man Jack.


Working hand-in-hand with Bear Group, a custom web development shop in Seattle, we stayed in step from the very beginning to make sure our big ideas were viable and usable. Both teams brought their expertise to the table, making for a strong site that tops the charts in creativity, user experience, usability, and performance.


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