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An illustration of a man with large legs walking.


Strength in Numbers

CBUSA found its humble beginnings within a small group of custom and independent builders. Their vision: pool the vibrancy and vitality of low-scale builders so that, collectively, they could punch with the weight of a much larger, national firm. Using only word-of-mouth advertising for almost 10 years, CBUSA was able to reach remarkably far and welcome many independent builders under its umbrella. But when it was ready to hit the next level, CBUSA approached us for help fortifying its brand and unifying its marketing efforts.


  1. Customer Journey Mapping

  2. Data Architecture Design

  3. Advertising (Online & Print)

  4. Email Marketing

  5. Content Development (Photo & Video)

  6. Copywriting

  7. Social Media Strategy & Management


We started with an in-depth research exercise to understand CBUSA, the independent builders it seeks to win over, and the competitive landscape as a whole. What we discovered was an arena in which branding and messaging was often cold and corporate. So we set out to upend the predictable formula while ensuring we retained credibility. CBUSA’s model relies on trust and buy-in that, for most, feels uncomfortable at best. To counter this, we developed strong creative that bred confidence and positioned CBUSA as an approachable ally of independent builders.

Illustration of a builder on a scale.


Strength in Numbers

Illustration of a man walking past some houses.
Illustration of a man being startled by a bear.
Illustration of a man climbing a house made out of building materials.
Illustration of two hands shaking.
Illustration of a man running from scary looking houses.
Illustration of a man with long legs.
Illustration of a builder using his tablet and uploading documents into the cloud.
Illustration of a builder showing his tablet.


Animation was the perfect tool to tell CBUSA’s story as it can easily balance a serious message and a welcoming tone. Our copy-first approach allowed for the concept to take shape while the messaging underwent rounds of editing and refinement. We worked with a revered Portland-based animation shop to bring our vision to life. The end result is whimsical and fun, yet still conservative, professional, and polished.


“Devise is a first-class organization and if we had an award for our best partner, [these] guys would get it.”

Brian PavlickCOO - CBUSA

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