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Capacity Commercial

Power of Place

In the world of real estate, nothing is more important than location. But your location is nothing without the people behind the story of how you got there. For Capacity, Portland’s largest commercial real-estate firm with decades of experience in the Pacific Northwest, that’s a story with immense power. Our job was to radically update and modernize the Capacity brand to capitalize on this, cementing its people as leaders and ensuring its name continued to stand apart from other firms in the region.


  1. Visual Identity Design

  2. Outdoor Signage

  3. Brand Voice & Anthem

  4. Research & Competitive Analysis

The Goal

Working with some of the most experienced brokers in the region, Capacity brings unmatched knowledge to its work. It is clear, bold, and confident. We wanted to create an updated visual identity and brand voice that reflected that.

A yellow and blue Capacity logo with the tagline "Power of Place" below it.
A large, yellow mural on the side of a building with the headline "Power of Place" in bold, dark blue letters.
A white hard hat with a yellow Capacity Commercial logo on it.
White script text that reads "Power of Place" on a dark blue interior wall.
A business card mock-up for Capacity Commercial.


Colors, logo, brand anthem — everything was on the table save the name. We started by taking inspiration from Capacity’s existing skyline logo, working it into a new lettermark. It’s both elegant and bold, while still clearly signaling Capacity’s connection to commercial real estate.

As the brand visual identity needed to resonate on outdoor signage, we developed a contrasting color scheme of dark blue and deep yellow that stood out at a distance. Combined with a bold display font, Capacity’s signs are now immediately recognizable on properties and construction sites across Oregon and Washington.

Finally, our brand voice exercise culminated in a new anthem: Power of Place. This simple phrase makes an immediate impact and directly links the Capacity brand to what it does (real estate) while also hinting at the importance of the company’s role in Portland and the Northwest. It’s not just the power of place, in general, but the power of this place.


“Devise jumped head first into our world to understand our business, our people, and the competitive landscape. They helped us create externally the brand we always knew we were on the inside.”

Mike NyePrincipal - Capacity Commercial


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